eliana gelman

Eliana is a multimedia visual artist and designer. Her work explores memory and identity through painting, photography, coding, and animation.

Originally from Los Angeles, CA, Eliana is currently studying cognitive science at the University of Georgia. She is exploring perception through both scientific study of mind and through her art. What is a mind? What is a self? She believes the answers to these questions can be found through community, through conversation, and through making physical and virtual objects. 

Her interest in all things brain and visuality has informed her work in design, which she believes is an act of consciousness, an intentional process that shapes our interactions with the world and one another. She has applied this philosophy in her work in the mental health sector, and most recently in designing a regenerative farming platform. Her latest project has been organizing an ongoing collaboartive zine called Treehouse, for which she does web development, layout design, graphic design, curation, and is Editor in Chief.